September 22, 2017

Dressed in Red

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you’ll know that (unfortunately) last week I got back from my holiday in Gran Canaria. I had the best time with my boyfriend Jamie but I’m excited to be back home, back at uni, and ready for the academic year ahead! Of course while I was away, my amazing insta boyf took a bunch of outfit photos for me which I’m sharing with you over the next few weeks!



Dress, Bag & Choker – Primark // Heels – I Saw It First

This outfit actually has a bit of a funny story to it. I put on this super cute red dress, prance around in the hotel grounds feeling like a real life woman in the red dress emoji, then go down to dinner. Only NOW is it that Jamie realises that I’ve left the £6 sticker on the front. I’m all for shouting about my primark purchases, but I’d rather do it in a more subtle way…. I was going to attempt to blur it out in these photos but heck – we all do it don’t we? At least it gives you something to giggle about!

See some more of my holiday outfits here.

Lucy x

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