April 25, 2017

Review: The M Botanicals Exfoliating Bamboo Cleanser

A few weeks back I was kindly gifted the Exfoliating Bamboo Cleanser from M Botanicals. The cleanser claims to Revive tired and dull skin  – Bamboo and clay mechanically exfoliate while strong plant-based actives of Copaiba balsam, Acai and Andiroba help the skins ability to protect itself against hormonal breakouts. Natural fruit acids exfoliate and unclog pores bringing about a revived and smooth complexion.

My thoughts

The first thing about this cleanser which took me by surprise is that it’s a powder. Instead of a liquid, you mix half a teaspoon of the powder with some water to create your own paste. Although a bit of a pain I soon worked out the nack of this – using it in the shower certainly ends up in less mess as long as you don’t get any moisture inside the jar!!

Using this has certainly been a switch up in my routine – I’ve been stuck to my gentle Cetaphil routine for a while now, but it’s been nice to have a change. I definitely agree with the exfoliating nature, my blackheads have certainly minimised massively – I think something a bit more ‘gritty’ which this cleanser is, is just what I needed. I’ve only had one or two breakouts since using it, which is the norm for my skin, but I do feel as though with continued use this could keep those breakouts at bay, apart from those pesky time of the month nasties that will always crop up regardless!

I am loving using this product, it’s just whether I can get over the mess of the powder formula! Time will tell if it’s worth it or not!

Lucy x

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