January 24, 2017

5 ways to make everyday a good day




If you know me, you know I’m one for positivity. Everyone has their down days but I am a firm believer of life’s what you make it, and if you want to try and get rid of that poop attitude you seem to be having, you need to get up and do something about it yourself.

Wake up early

This might be a bit of a controversial one, but for me I love getting up early in the morning. I’m not talking 5 or 6am, but early enough to feel like your whole morning isn’t wasted in bed! I’m definitely a morning person and like to make sure I’m awake, even if I’ve not quite made it out of bed, by 9am.

Have a plan of action

I’m talking lists and schedules. Who doesn’t love a bit of organisation in their life?! Make a to do list and fill up your diary. Knowing what you’re doing and when will make your day much clearer and the satisfaction you’ll feel when they’re all done will be amazing.

Get outside

Being stuck indoors all day sucks. Even if you’re productive, I feel it’s still really important to get outside. Luckily for me, popping onto campus for lectures every day means I get my daily dose. A bit of fresh air does wonders.

Have a conversation

This is something I’ve definitely learnt while at Uni. Sometimes you need to sit down and socialise!


After every day I like to wind down, hop in bed and watch a bit of youtube or scroll through social media with my chill-est Spotify playlist playing. I feel like winding down is a really important aspect of the day often overlooked!

How do you make everyday a good day?

Lucy x