February 3, 2016

Dealing with homesickness at university

All my life I knew I wanted to go to university, and after finally starting last September I can safely say I really underestimated how hard I was going to find it being away from home, despite only being a 40 minute train ride away. I cried a lot, I missed my family and boyfriend constantly and quite simply, I struggled! I’m now on my second semester at university and feeling a whole lot more positive about the next 3 years. I still get those days where I feel homesick, but I’ve slowly learnt how to deal with it. Here are my top tips!


This is my number one tip. When my parents first left me at uni, I wasn’t sad because they’d left me with my whole room packed away in boxes than I needed to unpack, but as soon as I’d finished with nothing left to do, I started to feel a bit lonely. It’s the same now! I’ll tidy my room, go and do some shopping, or at last resort – do some work! Keeping your mind off things help.

This is something I definitely didn’t get the hang of until this semester. If you have a communal kitchen or common room in your flat – go in there!! Last semester I’d sit and mope in my room, but being alone when you’re lonely doesn’t help!!

Now this point was what I knew I wanted to do before even knowing where I was going to University! I’m a real photo girl, and I’ve covered my room in hundreds of happy moments that I know will make me smile, as well as positive quotes, artificial flowers and my favourite teddys. Having your room feel like home brings a lot of comfort.

I knew I wanted to join the Netball Squad when I started University, simply to stay fit, but I didn’t expect it to have so many more positive impacts Having a hobby with a commitment to training gives you something to focus on but also gives you people to socialise with. If sport isn’t your thing, maybe you could join a society, go for some walks or even start a blog! Anything that helps you breath a bit and let go of everything piling up inside will help.


This is what I did the most last year. I worried about everything, everything that didn’t need worrying about. Enjoy your time, make friends and make memories. There’s no time for worries!