September 4, 2015

5 ways to destress

Everybody get’s stressed once in a while. After recently finishing my final year of sixth form and it’s tortorous exams and coursework I’ve found my top 5 ways to destress to share with you..

Clean your room

Cleaning my room always helps when I’m feeling stressed out. 50% of the time my untidy room is probably the sole cause of my stress, but nonetheless a good tidy cheers me up. I don’t know what it is, but there’s definitely something therapeutic about sorting and cleaning, and best of all, you have a clean room at the end of it.

Take a bath

Everyone loves a good bath. Lock yourself away, chuck a lush bath bomb in and chillaxxxxxx sister!

Go for a walk

Fresh air always does good. It’s nice to surround yourself with a bit of nature, so, if like me, you’re lucky enough to live near lots of fields and woodland, go and take a stroll. Maybe take the dog out, or take a camera with you and get some pretty snaps.

Listen to some music

When I really work myself up I love to sit down, chuck on some headphones and listen to some chilled out tunes. My favourites have to be Ben Howard, Sam Smith and my recent new-found loves Oh Wonder.

Watch a movie

Get a chick flick and get tucked up in bed. And it’s an excuse to eat popcorn.