January 31, 2019

Gift Ideas For The Lover Of Antiques On Valentine’s Day

Do you have a loved one who is fond of antiques? What do you give as gifts to these vintage lovers? With Valentine’s Day slowly peeking in, you might already be panicking at the thought of not knowing what presents to get the lover of antiques. Worry no more as we have collated some of the sweetest suggestions for antique gifts below.

Check out the following gift ideas:

1. Antique Jewellery 

Jewellery aged 100 years or more is already considered an antique. The term also refers to jewellery made in earlier periods, including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, and Baroque. Such items feature fine workmanship and high quality gemstones, and majority of which as one-of-a-kind items.

You can check out an antique ruby and diamond double cluster ring dating from the 1880’s with a $23,800 price tag. The 14-carat yellow gold and silver handmade ring features a vibrant oval ruby that measures 1.75 carats as a centre stone. Two rows of diamonds surround the rubies, which all come together to weigh a total of 0.88 carats. More affordable options are also available such as a $1,450 antique turquoise and pearl ring in 18 carat gold dating from the early 1900’s and a $1,290 gents antique rose gold hand-engraved signet ring. So, getting antique rings for your beloved on Valentine’s Day means giving them not just a sentimental token of love but also giving them a financially valuable investment as every element of the jewellery will definitely be worth something.

2. Vintage Timepieces

Good quality old watches hold great value, which means a good investment too. A reliable vintage watch also creates more impact than its modern contemporaries. If your loved one enjoys antiques, then they would also enjoy classic timepieces from renowned brands Rolex and Patek Philippe. Three highly recommended vintage watches are the OMEGA Speedmaster Professional, the Rolex GMT-Master, and the Heuer Autavia. The hand-wound chronograph OMEGA was the first watch worn on the moon, making it a historical must-have for any collector of antique timepieces. The Rolex GMT-Master was the first model to simultaneously display two time zones. The Autavia was an automotive and aviation watch launched in the 1970s.

3. Vintage Vinyl and Antique Records

Are you gifting someone who is musically-inclined? Then maybe a classic vinyl will work wonders. Audiophiles would love to receive certain records to complete their collections or start one perhaps. Some valuable records include The Freewheelin’ by Bob Dylan published in 1963, a number of albums by The Beatles, Hank Mobley’s Blue Note 1568, and The Rolling Stones’ 1968 albums entitled “Street Fighting Man”/”No Expectation.” Pick a record that suits the taste of the receiver or check out what’s missing from their collections so you can begin searching for these specific items.

4. Designer Items

For the loved one who loves fashion as well as antiques, you might want to give them a vintage designer item and they’ll be head over heels grateful for it. It is essential that you learn how to buy these vintage designer bags and a quick research online will lead you to helpful articles.

You can find vintage bags and purses, clothes, shoes, and other fashionable accessories in auctions and online selling platforms. For items to be considered vintage it has to be over a decade and designer provenance is of utmost importance. Specifically, items produced by Hermes, Chanel, and Gucci possess lofty value on the vintage market.

5. A Vintage Version of Something Your Loved Ones Collect

From old flatware to platters, jars and tin cans, tea sets, fountain pens, easels, toys, old postcards, photos, books and book cases, a quick research will lead you to antique dealers and auctions that have an assortment of collectibles to offer.

Valentine’s is just around the corner, and the tips above should help you pick out the perfect gift for your beloved.

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