November 12, 2018

3 Recent Films with Strong Female-Characters you Need to Watch

3 Recent Films with Strong Female-Characters you Need to Watch

Watching a good movie, with an exciting and interesting plot is always a great way to relax and enjoy some down time. Lately, there has been a boom in female-led movies, starring strong and powerful women to lead the narrative and empower and encourage viewers. Three great recently released movies starring powerful and brilliant women are: Tully, Molly’s Game and I, Tonya. Currently available on, these three movies star different women with different stories, embodying female strength in different ways.

Written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman, Tully stars Charlize Theron as Marlo, a mother of three who is finding it increasingly difficult to balance the arrival of a newborn, a difficult middle child who needs an incredible amount of attention and a husband who is constantly away due to business. After her brother gifts her a voucher for a “night-nurse” Marlo meets Tully, who immediately makes herself at home and allows Marlo to reconnect with her old, happy, energetic and love-filled self. A movie that everyone should certainly watch, Tully highlights the demands that motherhood puts on women, and follows Marlo’s path to rediscovery and rebirth with the help of Tully’s support and friendship. The movie’s third act twist is certain to leave all viewers surprised, questioning all the events leading up to it.

Directed by Aaron Sorkin, Molly’s Game recounts the true story of Molly Bloom, America’s so-called “Poker Princess”. Relatively faithful to the life of its subject, Jessica Chastain plays Molly, the enigmatically glamorous woman who ran the hottest underground card games in LA and New York that attracted high-rolling Hollywood stars, athletes and mobsters in the mid-2000s. Before being led away in handcuffs in 2013 on illegal gambling charges, Molly built an empire by turning luxurious hotel suites into macho gladiatorial arenas, attracting men’s attention with model waitresses and collecting huge tips at the end of the night. Molly’s character is remarkable as she entices rich men into her game, but cleverly deflects their predatory instincts into the alpha poker-fight with other men.

Meanwhile, I, Tonya represents a satirical, postmodern tale of the disgraced figure skater who landed the jaw-dropping triple-axel jump that made her famous. In the movie Margot Robbie gives a fantastically uninhibited performance as Tonya Harding, struggling to fight her way to the top from humble beginnings. Before hiring her ex-husband to grotesquely assault her rival Nancy Kerrigan with a whack to the knee in 1994 and ultimately ending her career, the movie follows Tonya as she competes against pampered figure skaters and is discriminated against by snobbish judges. I, Tonya ultimately depicts Tonya’s growth within a superficial environment that never seemed to accept her and constantly punished her for her background.  

From a woman struggling with motherhood, to a woman cleverly deceiving men and an athlete trying to survive in an unjust system, all three movies star powerful women as they try to endure life. These are just three examples of spirit boosting female-led movies, let us know which other female led movies you recommend?