October 9, 2018

Why I didn’t read your blog

Why I didn't read your blog | LUCY-COLEOver 6 years of blogging I’ve read a whole load of blogs, some I’ve read from the beginning, some I’ve picked up in the last few months, and some I’ve stopped reading. It’s true, people will and do stop reading your blog. Shit happens. That’s not necessarily something to worry about – it’s important that we always try to make our online spaces the best for ourselves, even if that means maybe hurting some others feelings along the way, as long as you do it nicely, of course. Here are some reasons why I’ve stopped reading blogs over the year.


Too many words, too little white space

 A pretty simple one. I’ll admit it, I don’t have the best attention span. For me, I prefer posts that are 500-1000 words long, but that’s just me. White space is another big thing too, and it’s something that’s a basic when it comes to any kind of marketing. If you’ve got too little white space on your page it’s likely I’m going to shut the page before I even start reading.


You changed your style 

It’s ok – we’re all allowed to change. I’ve followed bloggers over time who have changed their niches to something that simply doesn’t interest me. Growth is natural, but sometimes that growth path doesn’t coincide with my interests and that’s fine.

 Why I didn't read your blog | LUCY-COLE

Your site is complex to follow 

There is nothing worse than a confusing or glitch-ridden site. It’s so easy nowadays to buy a super cheap blog layout from places like Etsy or Pipdig, so invest in one! Blogging is very much about aesthetics and ease of use these days, and if you’re not making it easy for your users to access and follow your site, you’re going to lose that audience.


You didn’t promote it! 

SHARE YOUR CONTENT! If you’re not promoting your content on different platforms, the chances of me even seeing it, let alone reading it are going to be slim. I understand that promoting content on platforms like Twitter can get frustrating at times, but the truth is, if you’re not sharing it on the platforms I spend most of my time on like Twitter and Instagram, I’m not going to read it.


It didn’t feel genuine anymore 

Too often I’ve unfollowed bloggers because it just didn’t feel genuine anymore. The authenticity was lost and so was all personality. Sponsored posts are great, but make sure they fit your brand and your style – don’t make it forced, otherwise, I won’t be visiting any more.


Why have you stopped reading blogs in the past?


Lucy x