July 12, 2018

How to improve your blogs Domain Authority

How to improve your blogs Domain Authority // LUCY-COLE

I love sharing blogging tips posts, and one thing I constantly see on twitter is bloggers talking about their Domain Authority. What is it? Why is it important? And how can you improve it? I currently have a DA of 33, which although isn’t brilliant, it’s not too bad either! I’ve managed to crack down, do a bit of background work on my blog and slowly build this score up, so time to share some tips with you. 

What is DA and why is it important?

DA stands for Domain Authority. It’s a score created developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. Its based on a number of things such as the number of links pointing to your site and number of linking root domains, and scored on a 0-100 scale. New websites will rank at 0, while the very best will sit at 100.

DA is clearly important in getting your page as high as possible in search engine results and getting traffic to your site. You’ll also find that a lot of companies prefer to provide opportunities to higher DA blogs!

So now we know what DA is and why it’s important, how exactly do we grow it?!

How to improve your blogs Domain Authority // LUCY-COLE


Link back to your site

The first super easy way to improve your DA score is to provide lots of link backs to your site. In every blog post you write, you should be trying to link to other pages or posts within your site. This improves your internal linking structure and helps keep visitors on your site too! You can do this by integrating links into your posts, and having ‘you may also like’ widgets similar to what I have at the bottom of every post!


Fix broken links

Fixing broken links can be a long and tedious task but when I finally sat down and did it, I noticed an improvement in my DA. Toxic or broken links can really affect your score so I like to go through mine every couple of weeks. You can do this easily with websites such as www.brokenlinkcheck.com or if you’re on WordPress there are a bunch of plugins you can download!


Improve SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimized. This means using appropriate keywords to drive traffic to your site, filling in your meta-description which shows in search engine results and using Heading tags. These are just a few ways for improving your SEO, but a great way to start out. If you’re on WordPress there’s a great plugin called Yoast which is a total lifesaver in making sure all your posts are search engine optimized!


Create good content

Although there is all kind of hacks and tricks to improve your DA, the ultimate way to build it up is by creating great content. You need to be consistent with your posting to keep your readers coming back. A general rule I try to follow is 2 posts a week, but do whatever works for you, just try to keep it consistent!


What are your top tips for growing your DA score? If you enjoyed this post, you might like my other blogging posts here!

Lucy x