July 22, 2018

5 things I’m teaching myself right now

5 things I'm teaching myself right now // LUCY-COLEI may have graduated and finished my 16+ years of education for good, but the learning doesn’t stop once I step out of the classroom. I absolutely LOVE learning – I considered a masters just to keep doing it, but ultimately the idea of a full time job and a real income appealed to me just a bit more. That’s why I’ve made an oath to never stop learning. Sometimes it will be obvious, like photography classes or online courses, but sometimes it’ll be a little less obvious. Perhaps I won’t even realise myself that I’m learning something new.

Now that I’ve shared this oath with my blog, I thought why not share what I’m teaching myself right now.

5 things I'm teaching myself right now // LUCY-COLE

5 things I'm teaching myself right now // LUCY-COLE

5 things I'm teaching myself right now // LUCY-COLE


Confidence isn’t the most obvious of things to teach yourself, and to some extent – it can’t be taught, only developed over time and experiences. Despite this, I’m working on building my confidence, and effectively teaching myself to be the strong, confident young woman I want to be. The main way I’ve been doing this putting myself out of the comfort zone more often. If something scares or worries me and I know the reason for this is my lack of confidence, I’m doing it anyway. I already feel one hundred times more confident than I did this time last year, so I’m excited to see how different I feel in myself this time next year!


Last month I finally bought myself Lightroom CC in hope to up my blogging and photography game that little bit more. I feel like my photography has massively improved in recent months, thanks to some fab teaching and guidance from my boyfriend! The next step for me is the editing process. When I was in high school I had photoshop and was always editing photos and creating fun graphics on there so I’ve always had a natural love for editing, so I’ve started to dedicate some time to do just that. I’m looking forward to getting a grip with Lightroom and creating some presets to use too. Any tips, send them my way!

5 things I'm teaching myself right now // LUCY-COLE5 things I'm teaching myself right now // LUCY-COLE

To not worry when it’s not worth worrying about

Worrying and overthinking is one of my WORST traits, and I hate it. I often waste a lot of time worrying about situations I have no control over and it’s something I know needs to change. Every time I find myself worrying I sit and think. Does it really matter? Will it matter in a few weeks/months’ time? How much does it actually affect me? If the answer isn’t worth it, I’m bidding not to worry. And if I should worry, I’m worrying, accepting it, but ultimately moving on.


Digital Marketing

You probably know by now that I recently started a new job as a Digital Marketing Co-ordinator. Other than my knowledge I’ve gained through blogging, I don’t know a whole lot about the digital marketing sector. As something I’m keen to get into and build my way up the career ladder in, I know I need to get some real knowledge behind me. I’ve recently started a free online Marketing course which I’ll hopefully get a certificate at the end of, and I have a few more next on my list including the Google Analytics Academy!

5 things I'm teaching myself right now // LUCY-COLE
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As I said previously, I really feel like my photography has improved so much recently – more so in the last few months than in the last few years! It gives me such a thrill when I get the perfect shot I just want to keep improving my game even more. I’m working on experimenting more and trying some new things with my photography, but I’d love to get on a course or something similar soon too.


Let’s hope in a few months’ time I’m a confident, photographer, editor, digital marketing expert with no worries at all! What are you teaching yourself right now?


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