June 19, 2018

Tackling hay fever this Summer with Vision Direct

Tackling hay fever this Summer with Vision Direct // LUCY-COLE  Hay fever can be a total pain. The sun is shining, you want to spend your days lounging about outside and catching a tan before the certain rain returns, but somehow you find yourself locked inside because the pollen is so, bloomin’, HIGH! You’re sniffling, you’re sneezing and you’re rubbing your eyes every 5 minutes. There is nothing to like about hay fever, and unfortunately, it’s hard to get rid of the symptoms completely, but there are a few hacks that can help! Vision Direct kindly gifted me one of their hay fever boxes to help me cope this summer, which inspired me to share some of my top hay fever hacks!


Change and wash your clothes

Pollen is adhesive, meaning it’s probably going to stick to your clothes and grab on tight! One handy tip to avoid hay fever symptoms is to change and wash your clothes as soon as you get in. You should probably also avoid hanging wet clothes outside to dry too as they’ll get covered in pollen again. Use a tumble dryer or indoor clothes dryer instead!


Drink some green tea

Green tea is considered a fab drink for hay fever suffers, with research suggested it can have an anti-histamine effect, helping to relieve symptoms, so drink up!! Included in my hayfever box were a few green tea teabags and I’ve been having these every morning. If green tea isn’t your flavour, chamomile is said to have the same effect.

Tackling hay fever this Summer with Vision Direct // LUCY-COLE

Use some Vaseline

Vaseline should be spread on the bottom and inside of your nose before heading outside. It’s supposed to act as a trap and catch some of those pesky pollen particles! A handy pot of this was also included in the hay fever box.


Eat some local honey

This is such a strange suggestion but I can see the logic in the madness! It’s been said that if you eat some honey from your local area, it can help build up resistance to local pollen


Use some eye drops

Eye drops are used to soothe irritated or dry eyes caused by contact lenses, but they can also be used to reduce the effects of hay fever. Anti-allergy eye drops are also available and a good option to try out.


Wear some sunglasses

Treat yourself to some new sunnies and protect your eyes from the pollen to prevent any itching or streaming!


If all else fails… head to the beach

Hayfever symptoms are supposed to be worse in the cities because of air pollution, and pollen levels are supposedly lower on the coast. Who doesn’t love a reason to head to the seaside?


How do you deal with hay fever?

Lucy x


*This post was in collaboration with Vision Direct.