May 4, 2018

Things I’ll miss about being a student

Things I'll Miss About Being A Student // LUCY-COLE

It’s both crazy and terrifying thinking about the fact in July I’ll be graduating from my degree. The past 3 years have gone SO quickly, and I’ve learnt so much. I’ve both loved and hated being a student, but on reflection, there are a few things that I’m definitely going to miss about it all…


The independence

The independence is undoubtedly one of my favourite things about the last 3 years. I love spending time at home with a house full of my family, but at the same time, it’s brilliant living in your own place with your own flatmates. There’s something great about being in charge of yourself, cooking, cleaning and caring for yourself rather than relying on good old mum to help out! Before university I was, to be frank, a bit of a wimp. I was scared to do anything by myself, I’d never been on a train on my own before and I didn’t really have a lot of independence. Today, I’m a completely different person, I travel alone all the time, I’m happy to do things alone, and I’ll even speak up if there’s something wrong with my food order (hehe).


The freedom

This follows on from the previous point. With independence comes a lot of freedom. I’ve loved being in charge of every little thing I do, from when I decide to go to bed, to what modules to take in my degree. One thing I’ve especially loved is being able to plan my week. Around lectures, I am left with a lot of spare time to fill as I please. Having this freedom to do what I want, when I want has opened up a lot of new opportunities and also given me the time out I’ve needed.


The social life

The social life is one of the biggest things about university, and boy has it lived up to its expectations. Being a part of the Netball society has led me to be a part of some pretty epic socials. I’ve dressed up as Lady Gaga, animals, and covered myself with glitter head to toe. I’ve undoubtedly had some of the best nights out at uni and made some memories which will last forever. Of course, it’s not all going out and getting drunk though, I’ve had just as many brilliant times without alcohol as I have with!


Heels are long forgotten

I remember when I first moved to halls I bought with me at least 5 different pairs of heels for going out in. Fast forward to the final year and I don’t have a single pair with me at uni. Quite possibly the best thing about university is that you can go out in literally anything, and heels aren’t part of the dress code. I’ve been out for a night out in my pyjamas before. It definitely doesn’t get better than that!!


The student discount

God bless the student discount. I am seriously going to miss exploiting my unidays code when graduation finally comes around. How do adults actually afford to buy clothes??? Thankfully my good old friend Groupon will hopefully be able to save me from time to time with plenty of fab deals!


Did you go to university? What do you miss about your uni days?

Lucy x


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