October 5, 2015

Upcoming Fashions for Fall

We’re in the home stretch for Fashion Month. Paris is winding down, and soon we’ll be left to our devices to find the new hot trends of the season.

Thankfully however, the recent shows have left us with plenty of inspiration to last until winter, and they’re just as casual-chic as any fall style should be. Check out a few of these fall pieces that you’ll want to grab before they’re gone.

This season’s dresses are all about long hemlines that hit between your knee and your mid-calf—a style of dress known as a “midi.” Fits vary from form-fitting, to a loose, bohemian style with ’70s influence, allowing midis to flatter most body shapes. Better still you can pair this style with everything from heels and wedges to booties and flats in order to reflect your desired look.

For inspiration, browse the dress collection from Lyst. The collection of different designers highlights the variety of ways the look is put to good use. For example, the Yepa Printed Midi shows how you can use the design to create a casual style, appropriate for most functions, while the Ekundayo Midi Dress is ideal for events that require formal attire.

Bags for this season are simple in shape, but fun in design. They resemble functional carriers like briefcases, lunch boxes, cosmetic bags, and even toolboxes. And their hard exteriors are limited to your imagination, in whatever print, texture, and colour that catches your eye.

If the box bag isn’t your thing, try a suede purse adorned with fringe instead. It’s just as hot this season, and it’s easy to pair with some jeans and a flirty top. E! spotted Jessica Simpson with a suede and fringe purse recently, and they said her fall outfit made running errands “look effortless.”

I can plan an entire look around a pair of shoes, but sometimes I just need to slip on a pair and go. Thankfully this season’s ankle booties are as chic as they are comfortable and universal.

Once again, suede is particularly popular for this season, but you can also experiment with leathers (or faux leathers). Try a neutral colour in brown or black to keep your outfit options open. You can also check out Bustle’s recent article on how to pair them with everything from skinny jeans and leggings, to skirts and dresses.

Fall is already upon us, and it’s likely that most of you have already felt a chill in the air. If you haven’t filled out your fall wardrobe yet, now is the perfect time to do so!