May 31, 2014

Mini Birthday Haul

Last Friday (23rd) was my 17th Birthday and I got a few bits which I thought I’d share with you all. As I grow older I find I end up asking for money a lot more which of course unfortunately means less unwrapping (boo!). There’s always that bit of excitement and mystery with unwrapping presents! Anyway, seeing as it was my 17th my main present was driving lessons, I even had one on the day, and I didn’t crash, which is a massive success in my eyes. I also got a few bits of clothing including a pretty blue cropped lace top and a gooorgeous pair of white joni jeans, and if you know me, you’ll know I adore joni jeans, I practically live in them! I also got a few bits of underwear and pajamas but they weren’t so pretty to photograph! I also got a beautiful pink purse from River Island after having enough of my old one and feeling like a change. As always, I got some more Barry M nail varnish to add to my ridiculous collection, I feel as if I may have to have some therapy for my addiction soon. And finally, I got two books and a the Catching Fire DVD. I don’t tend to read much in my own time, but when on holiday I become a giant bookworm. My mum got me a John Green book after I enjoyed The Fault In Our Stars, as well as one by Sophie McKenzie, my all time favourite author. I’m not normally a film person but I became obsessed with The Hunger Games after loving the book trilogy I ended up seeing the first film in the cinemas twice I loved it so much!

Seeing as my birthday was slap bang in the middle of exam season, I am celebrating in a few weeks with a party with all my girlfriends, so I am VERY excited to get out and spend that money I got on a brand new pair of heels and new outfit, and maybe even some cheeky make-up too!