September 3, 2019

My summer morning skincare routine

It’s been a while since I shared a skincare routine. I’ve got so many new products in my skincare collection now, I thought I’d split it into two, starting first with my morning skincare routine.

I’ve definitely found myself switching up my morning products as summers rolled around, opting for lighter, fresher feeling alternatives, and of course mixing in SPF too. These are the 7 products I find myself reaching for most often right now.

Cleanse and tone

Every morning I’ll wake up and give my face a cleanse. Right now, I’m opting for the Pixi Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel. This is a clear gel that should be applied with your hands, before rinsing off. I find this to be a really light and refreshing cleanser to use each morning, especially after a sweaty night!

The second cleanser I’ve been using is the new Vitamin C Juice Cleanser. This is more like a toner in its consistency, which I apply with a reusable cotton pad. Because it feels less of a ‘deep clean’, I opt to use this as well the cleansing gel, rather than on its own.

For toner, surprise, surprise, it’s another Pixi product – the famous Glow Tonic. I’m not sure I need to say a lot about Glow Tonic, other than it’s my go-to toner every day.

Moisturiser and SPF

After my toner, I’ll use one of two moisturisers: either the Vitamin-C Lotion from Pixi, or Rosehip Plus Hydrating Day Cream. The Vitamin-C option from Pixi has the most divine citrus scent, so is ideal for a wake-me-up morning option. The Hydrating Day Cream from Rosehip Plus Skincare, on the other hand, is super moisturising leaving my skin soft, without the scent.

Throughout the summer I’ve been stuck working in an office, and don’t have a holiday booked until October, so I’ve been tanning every week. To keep my face matching my body, I add a few drops of the James Read Gradual Tan H2O drops to my moisturiser before applying to my face. This adds a bit of colour to keep me looking even!

After moisturiser, I’ll always try to remember to apply my SPF. Something that I’ve really tried to focus on this year. The SPF I’ve been using is the City Block Sheer SPF 25 from Clinique. Despite claiming to be sheer, it is slightly tinted which works great for me when I want to go lighter on my make-up. If I’m having a good skin day this is usually enough without needing to add any foundation, and it’s oil-free too.

And that’s everything I’ve been using each morning this summer for my skincare routine. What are your go-to morning skincare products?

Lucy x