May 12, 2019

Introducing the Danish Skincare brand: Ecooking

*This post contains gifted products.

Introducing the new skincare brand on the block: Ecooking. A while ago a little package arrived on my doorstep, comprising of three products from Ecooking skincare.

An introduction to Ecooking

Ecooking began when founder Tina Søgaard started creating her own skincare at home, and results left friends and family asking for their own products.

The products combine natural, environmental ingredients that are so pure, some can even be used in cooking, hence the name!

Today, there are over 40 products in the range, each made up of 100% organic oils, and natural peptides and vitamins. Everything is still produced in Denmark and the formulations are 100% paraben free and vegan (excluding natural beeswax in the brand’s Multi Balm and Lip Balms). 

The products

The products I was kindly gifted were the Cleansing Milk, Acne Serum and Lip Balm.

Cleansing milk

I found the cleansing milk a bit different to most cleansers. Rather than apply with your hands and rinsing off, you apply this cream with a cotton pad and then rinse. You could argue that the fact they encourage using disposable cotton pads goes against Ecooking’s ethical values, but luckily I have re-usable, washable pads. If you haven’t got some already, then go get some from Amazon now and do your bit for the planet!

Anyway, back to the cleanser. This is formulated specifically for dry and sensitive skin, and I could definitely tell this while using it. It’s certainly calm on your skin and does a good job of removing any grub without being too harsh. This is definitely a second-step cleanser though, it doesn’t remove make-up. I’ve recently introduced this into my double-cleanse routine.

Acne Serum

The acne serum is formulated with Salicylic Acid to sweep away bacteria, impurities and excess sebum from the surface. What I love about this is that it can be used all over the face to decongest the skin or used as a targeted spot killer!

Unlike a lot of specific acne treatments, this doesn’t dry out the skin at all and helps towards clearing up any breakouts fast.

Lip balm

Ecooking does a few different flavours of lip balm, but I got the Pomegranate one. Probably the least exciting of all three products, this is a case of ‘it does what it says on the tin’!

This moisturises dry, chapped lips, as well as providing a nice subtle shine. It definitely helps to add some moisture to my lips – but it’s not anything special… it’s just a lip balm after all!

Have you tried Ecooking skincare yet? What are your current favourite skincare products?

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Lucy x