April 7, 2019

Can we please stop idolising being busy?

It seems today we’re in a world of being busy 24/7. You ask someone how they are, and most of the time, busy will be in their response. We seem to idolise the idea of being busy, but why?

Why is busy such a good thing? Does busy mean successful? Does it mean things are going well? Are we just saying busy to make people think all is well, when really it’s not?

I’m not really sure why busy is such a popular saying, but what I am sure of is that we need to stop idolising it.

Can we please stop idolising being busy? | lucy-cole

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I understand that feeling busy at first can be great. I, myself am a victim of becoming busy – working 9-5, packing my evenings with gym and blog work, and my weekends with much the same. But although it can be a great thing at first, what it can eventually be is detrimental.

Being busy 24/7 can lead to a lack in productivity – we’ve all seen those studies where people who worked 4 days a week, or worked for shorter hours found themselves far more productive than those working 5 days, or dragging their hours out. Much the same happens when you’re busy.

It’s important that you keep away from burning out. We need to start focusing on productivity, rather than business.

We seem to be becoming better at recognising the need for self-care, so can we start to recognise that being busy doesn’t necessarily relate to positive things?

Can we please stop idolising being busy? | lucy-cole

Here’s a few things I’m currently doing to make sure I’m not busy:

Are you a victim of being busy?

Lucy x