November 8, 2018

7 Kitchen Layout Mistakes To Avoid

Image Source: Unsplash

A lot of things go on in your kitchen – drinking, eating, cleaning, cooking and even socialising. No matter the design style of your kitchen, layout and organisation are important. Here are some mistakes you can avoid in order to achieve an elegant, practical space.

  1. Avoid obstructing the triangle

Designers refer to your kitchen’s refrigerator, sink and stove as the kitchen triangle – it’s the busiest area in the room. That’s why they should have easy access, along with access to your workstations. Your sink must be near plumbing, yet sometimes sinks are found in a poor location due to the placement of pipes. If this is the case, consider hiring a plumber to professionally relocate your plumbing and accommodate the best place for your sink.

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  1. Never waste space

Kitchens have lots of stuff, and much of it can be oddly shaped. Finding a space for your appliances while keeping them on hand can be a challenge. Since built-ins can be costly, and the size of your area might be limited, it’s a mistake not to include adequate storage. Minimise wasted space with careful planning.

If you have a small kitchen, consider long upper cabinets with moulding for additional storage space. Don’t forget about the often-wasted space above the fridge – install a cabinet there, too.

7 Kitchen Mistakes To Avoid | lucy-coleImage Source: Unsplash

  1. Enough counter space

One of the main complaints about kitchen design is the lack of countertop space. Since pretty much all activities in the kitchen require workspace, as well as space for appliances, you need to figure out as much surface area as you can. This can be achieved with the help of a breakfast bar or island.

  1. Adequate lighting

You need decent lighting in your kitchen. It’s a matter of both design and atmosphere, but more importantly, safety since this is the room in which you handle kitchen tools and sharp knives. What’s more, the brighter the room is, the better for showing off your beautiful design elements.

Rooms need 3 kinds of lighting: general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Provide each work space in the kitchen with the light it needs, perhaps directly above each work area. Pendants work well above sinks, islands and breakfast bars.

  1. Don’t ditch the backsplash

When it comes to creating a kitchen layout, don’t let a backsplash drop to the bottom of your list. Just think about all the grease, water and steam building up. It’s far easier to clean all of that off a tile backsplash rather than wallpaper or wall paint.

7 Kitchen Mistakes To Avoid | lucy-coleImage Source: Unsplash

  1. Inadequate ventilation

Even the best kitchen designs can be overpowered by noxious odours. Nobody wants to smell last night’s fish dinner. A good quality hood will help to circulate dirty and stale air while also improving the quality of your indoor air and keeping your kitchen cleaner.

  1. Picking the wrong island

As for kitchen islands, they are fantastic for additional preparation and serving space as well as storage. However, they risk wasting a lot of space. Choosing the wrong island for your kitchen or placing it in the wrong spot can be a design disaster, especially in a space that’s prone to clutter.

Don’t let your island obstruct the flow of traffic from the kitchen triangle and make sure is at least 2 feet deep by 4 feet long with enough space for people to move and work around it.

With these tips, you can create a stunning and functional kitchen.

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