July 18, 2018

5 Tips For Wearing Dance Inspired Outfits This Summer

5 Tips For Wearing Dance Inspired Outfits This Summer // LUCY-COLE

Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/Yyk4OmVJAyE


Fashion from a commercial standpoint and fashion for the world of dance has always been closely intertwined. Both fields require inspiration and a creative mind. But, In the world of dance, there are no invisible ceilings holding you down. There are no limits. Dance is an expression for production. If there is a need for a unique garment to bring the dancers message to the public, they create it.

Fashion designers are also allowed to push the envelope during fashion shows. Some of the items on the runway are outrageous, to say the least. However, people do not look at the union of these two giants of the industry. But, maybe they should.

If you are interested in what latest in fashionable dancewear is, take a look at what dancers are wearing.

Dancers inspired wardrobe items

Lace or sheer overlay

This is a look that will be on fire this summer. Whether you are wearing a high-neck halter or a cute bra, pull a blouse over it in the same color. You can do the same with shorts, but if you do, wear a short shirt with lots of flat.

The sheer fabric overlays are worn loosely over more form-fitting dresses or skirts. You can find the fabric with a pattern that complements the outfit. A crop top and mini-skirt is a perfect match.

Transparent is the word of the season

Transparent handbags, totes, and backpacks are hot. They are using wood for handles, and also for a lot of clunky jewelry.

5 Tips For Wearing Dance Inspired Outfits This Summer // LUCY-COLEPhoto Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/VJqGfZZzwZc


High-waisted shorts with to the neck sports tops

Make sure you choose clothes that highlight your The look is a favorite with the bra in, the skirt in white, and add a long lace sweater. The sweater can be any color lace you want, but most people go with something like deep rose or a dark jade.

From the dance-floor to the club

Wearing a skin-tight dress with just below the buns with tights and ballet slippers is great. But, this does not turn into a night look by taking off the tights and spending the next two hours is not cute. Changing the slippers to nice dance high-heel shoes is always a better option. One more tip. A dance cover-up shirt does not turn into a club top when you walk the door. Freshen up and you will smell better, looks healthier with your rosy cheeks, and be extremely in fashion.

Bonus tip – Comfort and style

Dancers and fashionistas will be getting rid of metal this year. Look for wooden or plastic earrings, plastic shoes, rope, twine, or cloth shoes belts, sunglasses with bright and bold colors will be anywhere high fashion takes you.

So, if you want to be in fashion with dance inspired go for it! Just follow the modest end of the line.


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