March 31, 2018

Why university was right for me

Why university was right for me // LUCY-COLE

With just two more essays and the end of university insight, I thought it was about time I dedicated a post to it. As we grow and leave sixth form or college there’s a lot of pressure and questions asked about what’s next. A lot of people decide university isn’t for them and choose different avenues, while some stick with an education that little bit longer. I always knew I had support in whatever decision I made. My oldest brother went to university in Nottingham, and my other, although applied for uni’s, decided not to take this route and went into an apprenticeship scheme instead. Both of them have turned out pretty well if you ask me. The thought of university always scared me, but I knew I wasn’t ready to go to work and loved education a little bit too much to finish by the time I was 18. Alas, I ended up at the University of East Anglia, and after a doubtful first year, here I am 3 years later knowing I made the absolute right decision for me. University¬†was right for me, just perhaps not for all the obvious reasons.

Why university was right for me // LUCY-COLE Why university was right for me // LUCY-COLE Why university was right for me // LUCY-COLE














Now I say possibly not for all the right reasons. When I think of somebody going to university, I think of someone who has a real passion for a subject, so much so they want to dedicate 3 (or more!) years of their life to it, so at the end of it all they have everything they need to get a job around that sector. This wasn’t me. I knew I wanted to go to university, Geography was a subject I enjoyed, my brother seemed to enjoy it at university and managed to get a job afterwards, so it seemed like a solid subject of choice. I had to pick something after all.

Despite still having a love for Geography, I’ve realised it might not be a job I want to necessarily go into, at least not for now. As we come to final year and the joy of applying to jobs has begun, I find myself veering away from anything in the environmental sector. Instead, I’ve settled on looking into jobs which my blog could help me along with, in digital marketing for example. University helped me decide where I want to go next.

Why university was right for me // LUCY-COLE Why university was right for me // LUCY-COLE

But the biggest reason why I know university was right for me is simply through being away from home, on my own, and through learning how to live. I’ve learnt so much in the past three years and had so much life experience I know I wouldn’t have got had I stayed at home and worked. Through moving to university, I forced myself out of my comfort zone, and I survived.

I learnt a lot about who I am, what I like and what I don’t like. (I enjoy nights in, small groups of people and grey anatomy, and dislike lots of partying, big groups of people, and mushrooms fyi). I learnt things I simply wouldn’t have if I hadn’t had put myself in a new environment.

Being away from your home, family and friends can be terrifying if that’s all you’ve ever been used to. My first year was so, so tough for me and I questioned if I could hack it for another 2 years, but I persevered and the situation has completely flipped for me. I’d stay for another 3 years if I could, but I know now is the right time for me to leave my education behind and go on to my next adventure.

Why university was right for me // LUCY-COLEWhy university was right for me // LUCY-COLE Why university was right for me // LUCY-COLE Why university was right for me // LUCY-COLETrousers & Cardigan – New Look // Top & Trainers – ASOS // Bag – Boohoo

Yes, university is going to leave me in one hell of a lot of debt, and I didn’t necessarily get a degree that I needed, but everything else it’s given me in the last 3 years has made it worthwhile. Did you go to university? Was it right for you? If not, why not?


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