February 27, 2018

How I Start My Week In The Best Way Possible

How I start my week in the best way possible Mondays aren’t the greatest – the weekend’s over and the next one seems ages away. Every week I try to start the new week the very best way possible and today I thought I’d share just how I do that with you…

Last year I shared 5 ways to get into a better headspace and I feel like a lot of those suggestions can work in this post too!

How I start my week in the best way possible

I start working on my week ahead on Sunday. I think one important way to make your next week a good one is by practicing some self-care. I never have too much planned on a Sunday and leave it as a day to relax. I’ll take a bath, have a face-mask and catch up on some of my favourite blogs.

Following that, I like to plan the week ahead. If you haven’t heard me talk about my weekly planner yet, where have you been? I use my weekly planner religiously and every Sunday like to sit down and fill in all my plans for the week ahead. It’s so important to have things written down so I feel super organised and know where I am, what I’m doing and when.

After a chilled evening and an early night, I wake up at a reasonable time on Monday to an alarm. Being at uni means I don’t always have a nasty wake-up time, but because it’s the beginning of the week I like to get up early and get on with the day – I’ll reward myself with a lie-in later in the week!

First thing Monday morning has to be a good breakfast, watching a bit of youtube while I get ready for the day, and starting with the task of tackling the emails. Sorting out my emails first thing Monday sets me up for a productive and organised week.


Following all those little rituals Monday is well under way and set up for a brilliant week. How do you start your week in the best way possible?

Lucy x