November 28, 2017

So…? New fragrances

So...? Perfume

So…? Fragrance bring back an array of feelings from my high school days. Back in high school P.E. body spray from the likes of So..? and Charlie were the shizzle. If you were spotted with one of those beauties, you were sure to be the most popular girl of the day.

As I’ve grown, body sprays have slowly been replaced by the more sophisticated perfumes. When So…? offered to send me some scents from their new perfume range I jumped at the chance. As a student I can’t exactly afford the Marc Jacobs and Chanel scents and your gal has got to keep smelling fresh one way or another.

The new collection is inspired straight from the latest catwalk, and the first perfume So…? scent (excuse the pun) me was their Floral Crush*. A light, feminine, you guessed it, floral scent. With notes of peony, rose, apples and waterlilies this is the perfect for the day to day wear.

I usually like to have a mix of lighter, day time scents, and more sultry, stronger scents for the evenings out in my perfume collection. So…? provided me with both! The next scent is Dark Romance*. A mix of madarin, vanilla and jasmine, this one has a much stronger, sexier scent which I can definitely see myself getting a lot of wear out of!

The best thing about the new collection is the price. For 30ml you pay just £6.99. Gone are the days of body sprays that wear off within a few hours, I can now wear a beautiful, long lasting perfume every day without breaking the bank!

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Lucy x

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