September 15, 2017

The skirt that doesn’t fit

 I have a confession. This skirt does not fit. Every time it goes on I have to do that little wiggle to get it over my bum and my hips, and every time it comes off, it takes at least 5 minutes and is a two man job (Sorry Mum and Jamie). The worst part of all? I have the exact same skirt in blue too.

Top – Topshop // Skirt & Trainers – New Look

Why I bought them, I do not know. Sure enough they were a struggle to get on and off at first and I definitely think some booty gains have played their part in making this a more difficult task. It is SO hard to find bottoms that are wide enough around the bum and hips, but small enough round the waist. Even these are too big around the waistband, but it was the best skirt I was going to find after purchasing pretty much every one off the highstreet and returning them all.

Nonetheless I will continue to pop these skirts on and ignore the struggle which will follow at the end of the day, that’s for sure. See more of my outfits here!


Lucy x

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