January 31, 2017

Monthly round up: January

January is always an odd month.  It’s a new year, an opportunity for a fresh start and time to get stuck back into everything. I spent the first half of the month at home in Ipswich with my family. Half my time was spent doing both uni work and earning some money working in the bakery at Tesco, and the other half was spent spending time with my family and Jamie who had some time off work. As much as I love being able to come back home between uni and having some time to relax, I was really eager this year to get some work done and earn a bit of money to save up for a holiday, so working has been great.

I had a few stressful essays to write over the break, but thankfully got them done and sent off in time, I just have to hope that I’ve got a good enough grade in them! Jamie and I had a lovely couple of weeks being able to chill all day and stay up super late watching movies, which we don’t get very often! We watched The Revenant which was amazing, a definite must-watch! We had a super cheap date-night at Pizza Express thanks to a gift voucher, and ended that night eating mcflurrys in his car. It’s the little moments like that which make me so happy to be with him.

The second half of January saw me head back to University in Norwich. Although I hate leaving home, I was really excited to start second semester and to get back into my routine again. Refreshers was a lot of fun, I definitely ended the week a lot poorer and with a couple more bruises thanks to some alcohol-induced trips. Another great thing that happened was I got not only one, but two First grades – the first ones I’ve got for second year, so I’m happy to see the hard work finally paying off! My friend Anna came for a birthday shopping trip on Friday and I took the trip back home with her to celebrate on Saturday. The busy weekend didn’t end there though, I only went and saw bloomin’ Busted at my uni venue!! Although I was never a big fan I thought it was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. They played a mix of their new album which I’m loving, and some old school classics – it was such a fun night!

I’m super excited for February, despite not having a lot planned. Of course, it’s Valentines which I can’t wait for – I love having any reason to celebrate with Jamie. I’m not sure what our plans are yet but It’ll be brilliant nonetheless! University will get into full swing and hopefully, it’ll follow the good footsteps of January!

Lucy x

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