January 11, 2016



Once again, my blog has been abandoned for quite some time. My first term of uni was much harder than I had ever anticipated and my main focus hasn’t been on blogging. I’m hoping the second time around is going to be a bit easier, and coupled with less contact hours in my timetable I can find a bit more room to give my blog the love it once had! 

I’ve enjoyed my month off and uni and snapped these pictures up at the weekend before I left yesterday to head back to my little room in my lovely flat. As you can see I’ve kept with the shorter hair – I’m still really loving it! I’ve also added a little bit more blonde in there too, because we all know – blondes have more fun. Despite being a student I managed to treat myself over the holidays with this top from primark, and these boots from asos. I’m loving the really muted/dull colours of grey, khaki and black at the moment – maybe it’s something to do with this cold weather!

Hopefully this isn’t the last you’ll see of me and I’ll be getting some more content up soon..