December 22, 2014



*play dramatic music* it’s time.. the review of the holy product of the blogosphere, the soleil tan de chanel. My wonderful friends bought this for me back in the Summer and for weeks I was petrified of ruining it and using it up! I will forever be afraid of my favourite (and expensive) products running out. However, I have since used it and ruined the beautiful smooth whipped top and have been reaching for it a lot more often now the colds kicked in. I apply this after my foundation with a buffing brush and gently buff it into my cheeks to give a bit of warmth and colour. It blends with ease and isn’t too orange nor too dark for my skin shade. In terms of lasting it seems to last just as long as my foundation, ideal for day to day wear. I’ve really been impressed with it and despite it breaking the bank at £32 I think it’s a perfect ‘treat yourself’ gift for every woman out there!