March 23, 2014

Fashionably Fit


Recently I was contacted by Sports Shoes inviting me to join their SportShoes Fashionably Fit Campaign, where they aim to help health conscious bloggers get back out in the fresh air and continue to keep motivated and fit!

Now, I’ve always been sporty, I was always in that sporty group at high school who was eager to do any kind of sport. I’ve done everything from swimming to rugby, although now I’ve narrowed it down to just netball and football and play in teams for both. Growing up with two older brothers who were also sporty, as well as my parents who did a lot when they were younger meant I was inevitably brought up athletic. Although, the gym is a whole other board game. Put me in a team and on some kind of court or pitch and I’ll thrive. Get me a gym membership and you’ll be lucky to see me go once a month. I’ve had memberships in the past and used them for various classes when I was younger but I don’t think I’ve touched a running machine for almost a year now.

Sport Shoes actually launched this campaign after Katherine Jenkins was heavily criticised for turning up for a marathon in a face full of make-up. Personally, I feel like there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. Why does whether she has make-up on or not matter?  Shouldn’t we focus on the fact that she ran a bloomin’ marathon? Personally, I tend to wear make-up when exercising. Most of the time I train for my teams after school and can’t really be bothered to take it off. When (on very rare occasions) I exercise at weekends I like to put a minimal amount of make-up on just so I don’t scare the public, so normally a bit of concealer and sometimes some BB cream will do. I feel a hundred times more confident if I know my skins looking nice!

Similarly, the clothes I wear can have an influence on my exercise and the amount I do. I love getting new gym gear and being that one person in the gym that’s ‘all the gear no idea’! We all have to start somewhere though, right? And if having all the gear gets you in the gym or out on the streets running, I don’t see an issue with it. Feeling fashion forward in my gym gear makes me more motivated to get out and do more to show it off!