February 7, 2014

Freederm Gel Review


Everybody hates spots, and I personally am always looking for new products to rid them ASAP! I’ve gone from product to product and find a lot of them are very similar. Recently I went back to an old favourite, good old Freederm Gel. This gel contains nicotinamide which is an anti-inflammitory ingredient, perfect for those spots ressembling mount everest or other various mountains.

I apply this once or twice a day, sometimes when I come home and always before I got to sleep at night. It says you can apply it in the morning but this isn’t a good idea as it dries white – nobody wants random white dots all over their face! The results are good – although it doesn’t get rid of the spot completely (I am still in hope that a product that does this will soon be invented) it does however reduce in size and redness and is a lot better than what I would imagine leaving it without any products would be like.

One thing which isn’t so great about this product is the price, it costs you £4.99 for a 10g tube. For those of you where getting a spot is a rare occasion, you’ll be fine, but if you’re more like me and tend to be applying this most nights, then it’ll run out pretty quickly.

I’ve already repurchased this twice and think I’ll continue to until I find something I prefer! What’s your favourite spot treatment?