January 1, 2014

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year everybody! Every year I make resolutions, although I don’t necessarily always stick to them (that gym membership was definitely a waste this year!) I do think it’s a really nice idea to aim for some thing to happen. I’ve come up with a few which maybe you could have too.

  1. Spend more time with my grandparents. Before Christmas I went out with my nan and step-grandad and as always they told me how much fun they had with me and how much they love spending time with me. Life is short and as horrible it is to think about it, my grandparents aren’t going to be around forever. I want to make sure I see them a lot more often than I do, particularly my dads mum who I barely see at all nowadays as she lives a lot further away from me as my nan and step-grandad too. Even if it’s just a pop in to say hello and have a cuppa, I think it’s about time I started seeing them more because I always forget how much it means to them and how fun it can be for me!
  2. Really focus and do well on my A2’s / A Levels. I’m the last child of three in my family. My oldest brother got three A’s at A Level and my other brother got an A, a B and an A*, (no pressure Lucy)! I want to do my family proud and get good results that I know I can get if I work hard and if I get the results I want for my A2’s I’ll have a boost for when I start Year 13 in September.
  3. Get a skincare routine. I’ve never had the best skin. I get breakouts every week and it’s very unlikely I’ll ever be clear skinned. I use cleansers and facemasks etc, but I’ve never got into a routine for a long period of time that actually works. This year I want to find something that works for my skin and really knuckle down and get my skin sorted. By no means is my skin awful, I’d just love to be able to leave the house with no make-up on and feel 100% comfortable.
  4. Say yes. I’ve got a lot better at this in the past few years, but I want to get even better. There’s so many opportunities out there and you can miss out on so much which is why I’m trying to grab every chance I’m given. Although it can be scary at first, you’ll be so grateful and really surprise yourself and what you can do.

On Friday I’m off to see Union J in concert and MEET them!! I am super excited! How are you starting off the new year?