December 29, 2013

Instagram Update #14

 union j tickets came!! // coca cola lorry // swaggy shoes

 going to sixth form dressed as an elf // candle lit bath // christmas decs

 lush christmas pud bath bomb // the aftermath // santa bought me some new curlers!!

christmas dinner, spot the little tinker at the end!! // mum randomly got me Naked 3 palette, say whaat?! // feeling cosy

It’s been a fun few weeks – I’m so gutted Christmas is over, but I’m also excited to see what 2014 brings me. Yesterday my mum randomly gave me an envelope and said ‘Santa didn’t want it to get broken in your stocking’ and of course I opened it only to find the bloomin Naked 3 palette!!! I was so shocked because Mum had told me she hadn’t got me a Naked palette and I definitely wasn’t expecting any of them because of the price, let alone the newest one! Today I’m spending my day preparing a review post to go up sometime next week hopefully. I really can’t wait to start using it!

Hope you’ve all had a fab week,