December 15, 2013

Instagram Update #13

 thank god sixth form has a costa // fave read // yankee candle

 wearing my mike hough tee // christmas cups // shameless selfie

 lush bath bomb // my calender is haaawwt // that siva is a special one – he tweeteed me!

it’s december, it’s practically christmas, i shouldn’t be revising // ootd // successful shopping trip with alice

Not had the best couple of weeks, with having mocks and being told I had a job when I actually didn’t, but I’m determined to end December and 2013 on a high! I’m looking forward to just dropping everything and enjoying the next two weeks. We have a week of sixth form left but thankfully most of it will consist of Christmas quizzes, and I also have a night out bowling with my football team and my grandparents are taking me to a Christmas show too! What are you doing for your last couple of weeks of 2013?!