December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013…

The New Year is fast approaching and I can honestly say 2013 has been an amazing year. The year started as very daunting for me, It was my final year of High School and my GCSE’s were fast apporaching. I took my French and History tests in January and also found out I’d got my A on my Maths paper which was the shock of the century! Stress only built up more as summer soon approached but I am so proud of myself, I kept my head down and worked hard, and despite trecking all the way to High Wycombe to meet The Wanted the day before my last exam, I passed every subject and got mainly A’s and B’s along with a couple a*’s! The next few months were probably the best I’ve had, we were work free for a whole 11 weeks, and boy did I make the most of it! I’d been dreaming of my prom ever since High School and I finally got to experience it. I dressed up in my beautiful prom dress and felt like a real-life princess. Summer only got better from then – lot’s of meeting up with friends and making of memories and of course my holiday to Lanzarote with my family! Although time soon flew by as I began Sixth Form. I’ve had so much fun at Sixth Form so far which has really surprised me – I really enjoy everything I’m doing and I’ve never been more motivated to do well and do my family proud with my A-Levels! And here we are now a few days from 2014. I really do wonder where time goes? I’m sure I was only leaving Primary School a few months ago!  Below (not in order) are a few of my highlights from 2013..

weekend away at kingswood with the school

halloween party (before the ‘sober as a pencil’ dancing!)

copleston U16’s football team last game of the season

seeing mike hough do his thaaaaang and meeting him at soho in London

last sports fixture of high school!!

last day of school – and my birthday!!

my 16th birthday celebrations

my brothers and I at our cousins wedding

meeting the wanted at ‘an audience with the wanted’

PROM! (i’m in the neon pink)

goodbye meal with the girls

It’s crazy thinking about everything that’s happened this year, and how much you forget happens, thank goodness for Facebook and it’s photo’s! I know I’ve forgotten so much still, but I suppose that’s a good thing because so much has happened in a year!

2013 has also been a big year for my blog. I started blogging regularly and made a real commitment to it. It’s crazy to think I’m over halfway to 1000 followers now. I’m super excited to continue blogging in the new year and really want to develop my blog further. Thank you so much to all my amazing followers/readers for making blogging and this page such a big part of my life now, you all make me so happy knowing that you’re actually interested in me and what I wear or what beauty products I’m loving etc. and reading your comments really do make my day. Hopefully 2014 will involve meeting some of you guys!

I really do wish you all the best for 2014. Let’s make it the best bloomin’ year yet!

Loads and loads of love,