October 26, 2013

I’ve 18 candles left to burn


This is what I wore to see Nina Nesbitt a few weeks back – hence the Nina lyrics as the blog posts title! I always find disco pants are a safe option for concerts – they’re not as hot as jeans and there’s no chance of flashing your knickers, although you still look like you’ve made an effort! These ones are deffo a size too small though!!

Good news, I’m officially getting my room painted on Monday which means I’ll be saying goodbye to my lyric/picture wall and my other wall full of holes in it due to my good old fangirl days of filling every square inch with a poster of The Wanted (trust me, if it was acceptable I totally would still do that) ((I also may  or may not still have my wardrobe completely covered in magazine cut outs of them)) (((I definitely do))). I’m thinking of taking some photo’s of my room now and after the paint job and doing a big room tour sometime soon? I’ve seen a few people asking for make-up storage posts etc, and it would be nice to do something different for a change!!