September 3, 2013

Can we dance


I was so happy when I saw this little treat on OASAP, I’ve loved the recent cutout trend, particually these shoulder cutouts. I’m not so keen on the belly cut out style on a lot of dresses as I feel a lot more self-consious, however the flash of shoulder is a lot less revealing but super sexy too. I’ve worn this top endlessly since recieving it, particually with my Joni Jeans. I think it’s pretty easy to style with it being monochrome, it will go fantastically with any colour, or you can go for the complete monochrome look! I put on my spike necklace to accessorize slightly, I love the way necklaces look when they’re sat just under the collar!

I start Sixth Form on Thursday and I feel like I’m starting High School all over again, I can’t wait to meet everyone and beging doing only subjects that I love!