August 8, 2013

Trainers Envy


Recently I’ve been stocking up on clothes for when I start Sixth Form in September. I’ve been after a pair of low top trainers for a while because I find all my jeans, although skinny, are still baggy at the ankle and just look awful with my high top nike blazers and converse. I’m pretty sure my skinny jeans will be on me for 90% of the winter so I’m justifying treating myself on some trainers for that very reason. I adore the Nike air’s, they remind me of the typical ‘chav’ but I can’t help but love the look of them, especially with the mom jeans. I also thought these Vans were so cool, I can never resist a bit of galaxy/nebula print, although at the moment I’m feeling a bit more classic, either the Adidas Gazelles or Puma Classics, probably both in black. What do you think?