August 4, 2013

Instagram Update #7

the ultimate brownie // very proud of this man – mike hough! // me and my boyf (i wish)

cheeeeeeky // pancake masterpiece // yes please

day at the park // homemade paella // me and mike hough, my favourite man

lemonade // mum made pavlova and i thought it was instagram worthy // trying to be healthy and made a smoothie

We seem to have a theme here… food. A lot of it.. Not much has happened this week, we’ve got two new little fluffy things in our family for two weeks as we’re looking after my mums friends dogs while she’s away. That’s three cavalier king charles running around the place!! I made the most gorgeous brownies a few weeks ago and I’m still not sure whether to post a recipe on them? I don’t know if it would be a good move seeing as this is a fashion and beauty blog after all, not a food one! Let me know what you think.