August 10, 2013

Do you want to Guest Post for me?

 image source – weheartit (*sobs as i sit with my overheating dell laptop and just the one iphone*)

At the end of August I’m off to Lanzarote on Holiday for a week (woo!!), but unfortunately that means I can’t post, unless I scheduele. Rather than schedueling I thought maybe it would be nice for my followers to do some guest posts, allowing you guys to both find some new blogs to read or maybe gain some new readers for your own blog!

The plan is to have a guest post every day for the week, meaning I have 7 spaces!

If you’d like to get involved email me at with your blog and your post idea, it can be anything from an OOTD, to a wishlist or review! Remember I’m a Fashion, Style and Beauty blog, so if you have something that fits that catergory, get in contact! We can exchange a few emails and I will ask you to send me the HTML of your post so I can scheduele it on my blog!

I’m not sure how many people will want to get involved but obviously if I have more than 7 I will have to turn some down! 🙁

Hopefully some of you are interested, so I hope to be recieiving some emails soon!!