August 27, 2013

Autumn Anticipation – Guest Post Week – Day #6

Another Autumn-based post for you today from the goooorgeous India from I know India from Twitter and when I found she had a blog I was very happy – she has a very unique but lovely style, definitely recommend checking her out!

Autumn is my favourite time of year for fashion, obviously it changes and things are slightly different to the year before but what i love is the fact that it’s a transition from summer to winter and i think, a perfect combination of the two. 

 I love the colours of autumn,the oranges,reds and browns and the warmth those colours bring as the days slowly get darker and colder. I love the combination of summer and winter fashion, the way you can get away with wearing shorts with a massive wooly scarf and its absolutely fine. I love the way everything becomes calmer and cosier and it’s acceptable to sit in all day wearing an oversized jumper and leggings with a hot chocolate and watch films all day. I love how its cool enough to buy hot drinks in starbucks again and how everything seems to go back to normal whether you’re going back to school or college or whatever you do. 

Peculiarly when i was at school i also loved autumn for getting new uniform and trying to look my best on the first day back and i hope it isn’t just me who loved going back to school! 

 I think the thing i love most about autumn is that it’s relaxed and you can dress comfortably and if you’re self conscious you can be completely covered up without it being too warm and look really cool.

 India ♡ velvet ghost 

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