August 20, 2013

Almost is never enough


I went out for lunch with my family last Friday and this is what I wore. I’ve been dying to wear one of my midi skirts for ages now, I adore them so much, I’m a big fan of the midi dresses and this is just another option. I also bought this adorable bow from New Look when I went shopping in Norwich last week, the colour caught my eye as Coral is my all time favourite and I though I could pretend to be Ariana Grande for a day – ha!

Today I’ve been sat sorting out all the guest posts for when I’m on holiday, I’m so excited for you all to see them because there’s some really good content! On Sunday I went to Ikea and finally got the Alex 9 Drawer Unit for my room, as well as picking up two gorgeous duvet covers. My dad’s already assembled it and it’s now sitting snug in my tiny room. I sorted out all my things and now have certain drawers for certain things like make-up, hair things, nail varnishes and random rubbish! All I want to do now is take down all my posters and photos, re paint my wall to cover up all the awful gaps where bluetack has taken up the paint and get a pretty mirror to put on the wall. My room is really small so I need to leave the walls blank to try and open it up a bit, and I feel like I’m over the whole teenage fangirl stage!! Maybe one day when it’s all done I can do a little post for you guys!

This will be my last post for a week *sobs*, but hopefully I’ll be back in a week looking super duper tanned, and with some good GCSE results – fingers crossed!