July 11, 2013

This is real


Apologies for the totally mundane outfit and repeat of the Joni Jeans! I’ve worn so many gorgeous outfits recently but just haven’t had the time and sometimes energy to take photos of them. I either run out of time before I go or convince myself that I’ll do it later, and of course I never do! Today the sun seemed to have dissapeared for a bit so I went for the Joni Jeans, although the real reason I went for these is because I was feeling super lazy and couldn’t be bothered to shave my legs!! As it was still hot and I couldn’t be bothered to make too much effort I chose to wear my primark crop tee – I can tell I’ll be reaching a lot for these this summer, and added a pop of colour to the outfit with my favourite necklace!

On Saturday I’m going to cousins wedding which I’m super excited about, I’ve only ever been to one before and that was when I was a baby! I’m wearing my all time favourite lace dress so I’ll definately get some snaps of that to show you guys! I’m also making it my mission to find myself a tripod for my camera because it’s really starting to get tedious trying to balance it on windowsills!! I just want one that’s cheap and does the job well, do you guys reccomend anything?