July 6, 2013


For the last five years of high school I have spent endless hours scrolling through prom dress websites and facebook photos of those in the years above proms and last night I finally got to celebrate prom myself! I had the most gooorgeous neon pink prom dress which was exactly what I’d imagined when thinking of the perfect dress, my hair was in some simple curls on one side, nothing too fancy and my heels were meant to be a lovely sparkly sandal however somehow I ended up wearing my wedges I will feature in a haul post soon. They were a lot more comfortable and I could actually walk in them which is always good!! I travelled with my friends Alex and Alice in a pink VW campervan which was just adorable! I enjoyed the night so much, I partied hard and was on the dance floor for most of the evening. (Go hard or go home, right?!?) I then continued to party hard after a quick trip home to change as we then all met up on the Heath! Yes, at 1:30am the heath is terrifying, but it was good fun! I then stayed around my friends Nickey and didn’t get to sleep until 4 so I am definitely feeling it today. Since returning home I’ve slept and showered but I think only time can cure this awful tiredness and headache.

As you can tell I had an awesome night, it was a fantastic way to celebrate these last 5 years. I’m really looking forward to having the most freaking awesome summer with my best friends!