July 24, 2013

Chi Chi Maxi



Earlier this week I recieved this goooorgeous dress from Chi Chi. Firstly I would like to apologise for the bad photo, we only took a digital camera away with us and to make it worse, the lighting in the room was awful! You can also tell from my facial expression I haven’t got used to mum taking my photos for me yet. Hurry up tripod!!! On to the dress..  I knew straight away that I would wear it for our family meal celebrating my brothers graduation. It’s so stunning, the ombre effect is perfect for summer and I can definitely seeing myself rocking it on Holiday later this year too. The shape of the dress really compliments me as I find I have slightly bigger hips so the bralet type top stops before them so the skirt can flow over the curves. It has a slit down the left leg making it that little bit sexier and also a bit easier to walk in! I also discovered later in the night, if you get a bit chilly you can pull up the skirt to make it a shawl – not reccomended in public though, you may get a few odd looks..