June 3, 2013

Travel Supermarket Worldwide Wardrobe Competition

On Thursday I was nominated to take part in Travel Superarket’s Worldwide Wardrobe competition and I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of it before, by the looks of it, it’s been flying all over the blogosphere recently! All you have to do is select an outfit of under £200 for one, two, three, four or all five of the different catergories which are either cities or countries. The destinations are Shopping In London, Cocktails in New York, Sightseeing in Paris, Clubbing in Ibiza and a Full Moon Party in Thailand. And the prize?? Only a blooming holiday for the location you win AND £200 to buy your outfit!! How awesome is that? Of course I couldn’t resist so below are my entries..



Beginning with London, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this outfit. London is all about a mix of fashion and comfort, from all my shopping and concert trips to the great city I know how important comfy shoes are, the city is big and there’s a lot of walking, so these are a must!! I decided to go with the casual, boho style with this look, I am in love with all the dunagree’s at the moment and this dress is a great feminine alternative. I stuck with the girly theme to add a cute embroided top and the most adorable daisy headband (these are one of my favourite things about summer). I added a lovely leather bag, vintage sunglasses and simple rings. I may have been a bit optimistic about not getting a jacket and forgotten that London is still in England and the chances are that it’ll probably rain, but that’s just an excuse to buy even more on the trip to get one, right?



Now onto Paris. To me, Paris is all about fashion. It’s the capital of la mode (look at me being all fancy and putting in some of my french in there). I knew this outfit had to be class, class, class. It’s not necessarily the best for sightseeing, but it’s definitely Paris. With this outfit I chose the monochrome with a pop on colour theme. I tried to keep it as simple as possible so it wasn’t too overloaded which is why I’ve gone against having a necklace or any bracelets. These trousers would look beautiful with the cami tucked in and the heels bring a bit more class, although they’re still practical. The jacket adds that pop of colour to contrast with the rest of the look and would look beautiful on or just hanging on the shoulders like those oh-so-classy people do. The bag is a must, ensuring everything you needed for the day was in, and the simple design just adds to the simple, classy look.



Finally, Ibiza, one of the biggest party locations in the world. Of course this outfit called for a bit of flesh, heels and splash of bright lippy. I am loving the bold print of these shorts so decided again, to keep the rest fairly simple. This bralet means those people who are like me and don’t like too much belly showing, don’t need to. I love wearing high waisted bottoms with crop tops because it means you’re able to still wear the crops, just a lot more comfortably. The heels are to die for and the detailing of them reminds me of all those neon statement necklaces around at the moment. I matched the clutch and sunglasses, and added a big statement gold cuff, and of course the bright red lippy. It’s a must for nights out!

What outfit is your favourite? Have you entered the competition?