June 27, 2013

Summer loving


As Summer is approaching, it’s time to find myself some new bikini’s which will only have a week’s wear because England doesn’t get any sun, but nonetheless I need some! I tend to go with cheap and cheerful bikini’s, purely by the fact I’ll only wear it a few times, no-one will see me when I’m abroad and they’ll soon be ruined by chlorine and suncream. I’ve decided to be a bit daring and buy some of these hipster style bottoms which are in this year, normally I wouldn’t have bought some but this coral bikini from Asos was just too beautiful to ignore. I also got this simple anchor one from Sainsburys because it was cheap and does the job well! Normally I buy Primark jobbies because any make of bikini, expensive or not, will eventually discolour and stretch before long!! I also find H&M do a beautiful job!!