June 30, 2013

Instagram Update #5

dog walk // good to see my boys The Wanted again after 11 months!! // ootd

safe to say i worked my tits off for my exams! // ootn for alices party // alice’s fit new shoes 

topshop sale ily // new blog post // new fave necklace

can’t go to london without getting a krispy kreme // my best friends // best shoes ever

I am seriously loving my time off school. I’m so excited to have the best summer ever!! I have a busy week this week of another birthday celebration and PROM! Not only am I excited about those, but the lovely Kate from kateswardrobex is designing a new blog layout for me! As much as I love mine currently, I feel like I need a change and refresh, and I want to go back to the simple, minimum layout look. I’ve considered changing my url to ‘fashionsgreatescape’ as I’ve had it saved for a while although I’m still not 100% sure what direction I’m going to be going in with my blog and I feel like if I make my url fashion based it restricts me to posting other things I enjoy like beauty and lifestyle. What do you think?