June 6, 2013

I’m Loving.. Pastels


The best thing about Spring/Summer, for me, is pastels. It’s my all time favourite trend and I’ve always been a big fan of anything in the cute, dainty shades. Can somebody please make it acceptable to wear them all year round? Another reason why I la la laaaarve them so much is because of how freaking great they look with a tan. Although, unless you’re going abroad this summer, it’s pretty hard to get one in England. I chose to add these cute models own nail varnishes in this post because you probably already know, but, they’re only friggin’ scented! How awesome is that?! I need to get my hands on these beauties pronto. I’m fed up of the boring dark winter nail colours now. I actually started wearing pretty colours back in January. Can you tell I’m a hater of Winter and lover of Summer?