June 22, 2013

A little life update..

I’m always a little reluctant to do lifestyle posts as this is a fashion and beauty blog after all, but I feel like it’s nice to keep all my followers updated with everything that’s happening right now and these last few months have been very eventful so it’s time to share!!

First of all, yesterday my summer officially began after I finished my final exam!! All 14 are over and done with and I now have 10 weeks of fun and revision-free! It’s such a relief to be free and not having to worry or stress about anything now. I put a lot of work into my exams and I’m hoping for good results to get into Sixth Form, now it’s just a waiting game!

Secondly, on Thursday I travelled all the way to High Wycombe to attend The Wanted’s ‘An Audience With The Wanted’ event. As you probably already know (especially if you follow my twitter) I am a massive fan for The Wantd and have been for the last 3 years, I’ve realised now that it’s not just one of those ‘phases’. Both fortunately and unfortnately, I chose the life of a fangirl and I’m stuck with it!! Anyway, the night involved a question and answer session, a short film of the boys journey over the last 3 years and an acoustic performance. I was lucky enough to ask the boys a question and get a quick hug and kiss from Jay and Siva! Here’s my picture, although it’s pretty bad!

Siva, Jay (my favourite!), Me, Tom, Max and Nathan

This was my 3rd time of meeting the boys apart from Jay who I was lucky enough to bump into in Nottingham after one of their gigs last year!! I could honestly write so much about these boys because they mean the absolute world to me and have taught me many life lessons. It’s strange how one boyband can mean so much to you, I never expected to be just another one of those many teenage fangirls!

I was a little naughty considering I went to that instead of revising for my Further Maths exam the next day, but hey, who even likes math anyway?!

As for what’s yet to come, I have a lot of exciting things to happen! This weekend I’m celebrating my best friends 16th, on Tuesday I’m off to Westfeild to spend my birthday money, in 2 weeks I have my prom and then hopefully I have weeks of sun, sleep and just generally enjoying my time off! I’m especially excited for my prom, I’ll definitely feature a post on here because I can’t wait to show you all my dress!!

I hope you found that little update interesting, let me know if you’d like to see more lifetsyle posts on here! What exciting things have you guys got to look forward to?