May 18, 2013



Earlier this week I was sent this goooorgeous dress from So In Fashion, a lovely site with lot’s of in trend pieces. They have lots of midi dresses which are to die for!! I also love their Pinafore which is a cheap alternative for that Topshop one which was in a while ago!

If I’m honest, I wouldn’t necesarily always pick this dress out and I was a bit wary when ordering it but after recieving it and trying it on, I actually really love it! The print is super pretty and the velvet effect gives it a bit of an edge. I can see this working perfectly with a splash of neon as monochrome and colour seems to be a big thing right now! I don’t know why, but as soon as I tried it on I felt as if I were going to a wedding.. it just has that kind of feel to it, which is great considering I have a wedding to attend this July!