May 27, 2013

Instagram Update #4

 OOTD // revising in the sun // another OOTD

pretty blossom // trying out outfits // fave magazine

my giveaway winner package from when flowers fall // trying out the elf nail varnish // the best maths class ever!

finally 16!! // my jay mcguiness cardboard cutout and birthday cake // falsies

What a hectic few weeks it’s been! On Thursday it was my birthday, and my fangirling side certainly shone through when I opened a life size jay mcguiness! I also left high school on Thursday too, where did those 5 years go?! It was certainly a day full of mixed emotions. I celebrated my birthday on Friday with a bunch of my best friends and it’s now finally time to relax and chill, and revise!! Hope you’ve all had a brill week.