May 2, 2013

Avon Haul

You know those times when you just crave a beauty haul? I have those feelings nearly every month. My nan gets the avon magazine regularly and always hands it to me and mum to have a look and nearly every time there is something I want. This time I got the Mocha eyeshadow quad which came with some gel liner and mascara. Being a girl who’s very much a make-up noob, I wanted to try a cheap and cheerful lip product, so I got a light pink lip stick (this was defo a bad colour choice!!). At the time I was experiencing some serious spot troubles so I chose the spot treatment. And finally, my nails are atrocious at the moment, they keep peeling which I think may be because of the lack of sunlight they get, I can’t leave the house without some colour on them, so I bought a gel strength base coat and a peeling and brittleness solver! Let’s hope they work!

Would you like to see any reviews on these? What’s your fave Avon product?